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A Community's College

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College of the Desert

Twenty acres in dates, 60 acres in grapes and the remainder in raw desert…

The College of the Desert story began with two wells, a house and some out buildings. The price, on good terms, was considered a bargain. From this small beginning grew classrooms, labs, libraries, theaters – a campus for higher education and lifelong learning.

College of the Desert Site 1959

Today, COD trains and graduates the majority of the region’s police and firefighters, chefs and hospitality workers, nurses and healthcare providers, and child care specialists. COD is also training and educating the next generation of clean technology professionals, accountants, architects, golf professionals, as well as computer programmers to build the next web-based platforms.

COD Serves As:

  • A two-year start on a four-year degree
  • A direct gateway to a marketable skills in hospitality, medical and agricultural industries, among others
  • Retraining for a career in a new, emerging field and economy
  • The ability and resources needed to immediately contribute to our community.

Students can also enroll in a dual admission program that guarantees admission to Cal State San Bernardino Palm Desert provided they complete the transfer admission requirements.

Quick Facts

  • COD is one of only five California Community Colleges to receive full accreditation from the ACCJC.
  • Each year more than 10,000 students choose to pursue their higher education with COD.
  • 33% of COD students are full time. 52% are part time and 15% are non-credit.
  • 56% of all COD students enrolled are female. 55% are Hispanic.
  • 41% of students are ages 18-21. Average age is 28.
  • More than 70% of all students are the first in their family to attend college.

Student Characteristics, Annual 2016-2017

Female 8,937 56.6%
Male 6,847 43.4%
Unknown/Non-Respondent 7 0.1%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 46 0.3%
Asian 371 2.4%
Black or African-American 414 2.6%
Hispanic/Latino 11,307 71.6%
​Filipino or Pacific Islander ​258 ​1.6%
White 2,770 17.5%
Two or More Races 359 2.3%
Unknown 266 1.7%
19 or Younger 4,010 25.4%
20-24 5,141 32.6%
25-29 2,240 14.2%
30-34 1,324 8.4%
35-39 935 5.9%
40-49 1,260 8.0%
50 or Older 878 5.6%
Unknown 3 0.0%