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Campaign Success


$3 Million For Student Sucess

Campaign Brochure

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The $3 million Changing Lives Campaign was a

comprehensive campaign for College of the Desert, raising

funds to increase access to higher education, enhance

technology and improve the quality of each student’s

educational experience at the College. We invited our 

friends and neighbors to Step Up for COD and help

change lives and our community for the better.



We raised $30 Million for

Student Success at COD.


Campaign Breakdown 

Future Workforce
Support for Signature Programs 

Support was sought to develop career-based programs to address the needs of high growth business and industrial sectors. In addition, support is sought to support community college linkages to career academics which help place high school students on an early path to higher education and a career.  
College of the Desert Signature Programs 
• Nursing 
• Early Childhood Education 
• Creative/Performing Arts 
• Public Safety/POST/Fire/EMT 
• Automotive/Alternative Fuels 
• Energy/Utilities/Green Technology 
• Hospitality/Retail/Culinary 
• Agriculture 
• Golf  

Veterans Special Counseling Support 

The recent increase in the College’s enrollment of military veterans (over 350 current students are military veterans) has created a growing need for increased financial aid and special counseling services for this deserving student population.  

Student Scholarships/
Textbooks/Student Services 

Nothing is more important to the mission of College of the Desert than to provide meaningful access to higher education. Gifts were sought to fund scholarships, provide textbooks and academic support services for students.  

Technology and Digital Upgrades 

Support helps ensure our students have access to the latest tools and equipment needed to receive the highest quality training to meet local workforce demands. From replacing nine-year-old computers in biology classes to providing new laptops for early childhood education, providing access to the latest in computer technology is an ongoing challenge for every learning environment. Gifts also helped provide students with high-quality education and training equipment including protective safety gear, automotive tools and the latest testing equipment.  

President’s Innovation Fund 

College of the Desert is a center of collaborative innovations for educational enrichment, economic development and quality of life in the Coachella Valley. The President’s Innovation Fund will foster creativity and support student success through an Honors Program, development of a Student Ambassador Program and other new programs to help plant the seeds of creativity and innovation to foster student success. Gifts to the Foundation represent an important source of such funding for the College.