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Bighorn Cares... For Veterans at COD!

A BIGHORN CARES grant of $10,000 will provide subsidies to COD veteran student families which covers the childcare cost of the veteran’s child in the college’s Early Childhood Center. To date, BigHorn Golf Club members have provided over $500,000 in support of Veteran student programs at College of the Desert.

Unfortunately for some veteran families, a difficult choice has to be made. With the structure of the GI bill as it relates to state childcare subsidies, some veteran parents of young families have to choose between improving their lives through education while struggling to find/provide childcare for their young children OR staying at home to provide the childcare and putting their educational dreams aside.

The decision to stay at home and care for your young children or improve your life through education should not have to be made by these young veteran students. These have made sacrifices both physical and psychological for this country.

BigHorn Golf club members have shown tremendous affinity and support of our veteran students. They have provided the support to establish the BigHorn Golf Club Charities Veterans Resource Center at College of the Desert. For many years, through BigHorn CARES, members have also provided support through scholarships as well as subsidies for childcare at the Early Childhood Center allowing veteran students with young families the opportunity to follow their educational dreams while their children are also taught at the center.