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    An Academic EDGE

    From 40 to 440...

    EDGE is Growing and Making a Difference!

    Only 40 students enrolled in the first EDGE program at COD in 2011. Compare that to August 2015, just four years later, with 440 students completing the "Engage, Develop, Grow and [be] Empowered," coursework designed to prepare them for college entry and success.
    Why EDGE?
    EDGE provides intensive "boot camp" style college readiness training and techniques and a review of required coursework in order to help students qualify for entry into college level courses. Students may then retake the college assessment test. With preparation, students are able to qualify for the courses they need or enroll in higher level academic classes, reducing the overall number of lower level classes needed. This also then increases the likelihood of the student completing a degree or certificate at COD.
    Edge provides first-year college students with a full range of classes and instruction that includes:
    Two-weeks of intensive math and English review 
    College student success strategies, 
    Access to dedicated academic advisement counselor 
    Supplemental Instructional leaders (SI) 
    Assistance with financial aid applications 
    Information about financial literacy
    In addition to providing college readiness techniques and a review of math and English, students were also given the opportunity to retake their assessment test. Since students typically score better on the second placement 

    exam, they are then cleared to enroll in higher academic classes reducing the number of remedial classes they need to take.
    Diego Bautista was able to skip five classes by signing up for the short-term program and does not have to take any remedial classes. At the end of the session he tested into college-level math and tested out of the necessary reading classes. Bautista intends to transfer to USC to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science. "I am VERY thankful I was selected to participate in the EDGE Program. It helped me save two-years of classes," he said.
    Information available from its first two years showed the EDGE program allowed 114 students to eliminate more than 214 remedial courses from their schedules. This accelerates the students' preparation for college coursework saving them time and money.