Funding Student Success In Uncertain Times

As the pandemic changed the world, many of our students were burdened financially, losing their jobs, housing, and financial security. They were faced with the reality of continuing their education or paying for utilities, rent, gas, or groceries. Now our world is desperate for workers and these students are navigating multiple jobs and battling inflation as they struggle to regain two years of lost revenue – all while juggling childcare and trying to complete their education. In too many cases, these students will cease following their dreams of building a career and a better life so they can meet the basic needs of themselves and their families.

Thanks to your generous support, the COD Foundation was able to provide more than $400,000 in assistance to 501 students, helping them to make ends meet throughout the two-year crisis. The Fund for Student Success, along with the Student Emergency Fund (activated in 2020), provided critical resources to impacted students. Donations are now essential in order to replenish those funds and continue supporting students in need.

Contributions to the Fund for Student Success empower the COD Foundation to respond quickly in meeting some of the most pressing initiatives so students can continue learning their trade, preparing for management-level positions, and pursuing and completing the quality education that every student deserves. The fund promotes success in a range of ways, such as purchasing textbooks, providing meal cards for food-insecure students, supplying regalia for graduating students, supporting childcare tuition and services for parent students, funding veteran support services, and meeting the basic needs of one of our most vulnerable populations, foster youth.

When we provide comprehensive access to education for students across the valley – and significantly serve areas and populations demonstrating the greatest need – we cultivate a great local opportunity. The well-educated workforce COD continues to produce is vital to the social and economic development of the community and to attracting new business opportunities to the area. We are fortunate to have so many success stories regarding COD’s programs and we look forward to your help in creating a new tomorrow for Coachella Valley’s most deserving students.

Dr. Martha Garcia, Ed.D.
Superintendent/President, College of the Desert

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