Breaking New Ground: COD’s Palm Springs Campus Revolutionizes Education & Hospitality

The long-awaited groundbreaking for COD’s Palm Springs Campus is set to take place in 2024, marking the end of nearly two decades of anticipation. This milestone is accompanied by a visionary plan aimed at revolutionizing education and meeting the increasingly complex needs of the job market.

A key focus of the Palm Springs Campus is its commitment to filling talent pipelines and preparing students for the future of hospitality through automation integration. The research-backed plan is designed to not only provide students with cutting-edge knowledge but also to address practical industry challenges. By training students in hospitality automation, the campus aims to help hotels streamline operations, reduce staff budgets, increase efficiencies, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Specialized resources, such as a workforce innovation kitchen and a student-supported restaurant, will be integral to the Palm Springs Campus. These facilities are strategically designed to provide hands-on experiences, preparing students for real-world scenarios in the hospitality industry. The campus administration emphasizes the importance of connecting students with on-the-job training, fostering a bridge between education and industry. With an eye toward the success of COD alumni in the Valley’s workplaces, the Palm Springs Campus aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s workforce.

The significance of offering courses in hospitality automation cannot be overstated, as competitive hotels increasingly adopt new programs and processes to streamline their operations. Automation is positioned not only as a cost-saving measure but also as a means to enhance overall efficiency and improve the guest experience.

Additional programs include Culinary Arts, Digital Arts, Architecture and Healthcare. The courses of study will directly support the region’s emerging industries and help maintain or expand economic development.

Professor Marina Acosta, Assistant Professor of Architecture, highlights the broader impact of the campus through establishing a partnership with Cal Poly Pomona for a Bachelor’s in Architecture.

She notes, “It’s not possible for many of our students to transfer away to earn their bachelor’s degree because either they don’t have the financial means or they have a family to support. “The Palm Springs Campus seeks to address these challenges, offering a locally accessible pathway for students to achieve their academic and professional goals without leaving the community.

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