Barry Manilow Gifts $50,000 to COD’s Music Program

Music icon and Grammy award winner Barry Manilow believes in the gift of music and has graciously donated $50,000 to enhance COD’s musical education program. But the gift of music is not new to him; he has donated instruments and equipment for over 34 years, giving disadvantaged young people the opportunity to experience community, passion and creativity musically.

“Music education at COD plays an essential role in fulfilling our mission to prepare students for meaningful careers while supporting communities across the Coachella Valley,” says Superintendent/President Martha Garcia, Ed. D. “Not only does it increase brain function and improve memory, it also promotes positive social interactions and teamwork. By studying music at COD, students build confidence, patience, perseverance and other attributes, culminating in many certificates and transfer degrees. These certificates and degrees enable students to immediately use their newly honed skills to continue into a four-year educational program or enter the workforce. Many of our students impact the Valley by completing their advanced training and becoming music educators in their own right, continuing the cycle with music education.”

Manilow’s donation will support brass, woodwinds, percussion and guitar instruments needed to for six practice rooms to conduct applied music lessons, ensemble practices and prepare for music theory and assignments and performances. By supplementing the practice rooms with equipment, the 110 students currently working towards their degree will have access to the tools they need to succeed in their classes.

To give the gift of music, please call 760.773.2561 or email

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