Christina Taboada Rediscovering One’s Purpose at COD

Christina Taboada’s return to COD for the third time became a pivotal chapter in her life, bringing newfound purpose. She first attended COD to get her associate degree in Business Administration, then transferred to California State University, San Bernardino to earn her bachelor’s in Business.

She joined the workforce, yet Christina’s desire to make a more profound impact on others prompted her return to COD. Inspired by the kindhearted nurses who cared for her siblings as they struggled with mental health issues, she re-enrolled to complete her prerequisites for the prestigious nursing program. Once accepted, she returned to COD for a third time.

“College allows you to explore learning opportunities at every stage of your life, and COD has always been there for me,” she shares. “The staff and the programs have provided a constant source of motivation and a practical way to reinvent myself. Each time, I’ve found more meaning in my career and my life.”

COD’s Nursing program opened doors. She completed Eisenhower’s nurse residency program, accepted a job as a travel nurse at Loma Linda and is now at UCLA Hospital. Calling the desert her true home, Christina plans to return and become a nurse practitioner. Here she will care for patients locally and reciprocate the care her family received back into the community.

Christina’s transformative path back to college redefined her purpose, showcasing the powerful evolution education can impart on one’s life and career choices. To support COD students, visit

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