Meet Jane Saltonstall, Ed.D.

Co-chair, Stepping Out for COD 2022 and COD Foundation Board of Director Member believes,

“Education is essential for one’s personal, social and professional growth. Yet, for so many in today’s world, acquiring an education is a mere dream.

When I took my first tour of COD over 12 years ago, I was amazed by the gem that existed right here in the valley! The educational and economic impact that COD has on the lives of the students and our workforce is astounding. I have heard so many stories of courageous students who have overcome a lifetime of adversity: housing or food challenges, sole family supporters and raising kids as single parents. Yet, they stay determined to finish their degree. Gratitude abounds.

My goal is to share the value COD provides with others. Oftentimes, listeners want to support the Foundation in providing programs and services that contribute to the learning, achievement and success of its diverse students and help make their dream of higher education a reality.

COD graduates are the backbone of this community. They are everywhere! Doctor’s offices, restaurants, hotels, business leaders and business owners. When I ask where they got their education and training, more often than not, I am told COD. Now, that’s an impact!”

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