Shaping Tomorrow’s Media Leaders

KESQ, News Channel 3 and the COD Foundation have been allied partners for years. Providing an immersive experience for student interns, they learn the behind-the-scenes of media companies, the back end of production, technical camera skills and creative and news writing under a team of industry professionals. Interns also have the opportunity to work with KESQ’s sister stations, such as CBS Local 2, FOX 11, CW5 and Telemundo 15.

Alyson Booth, a COD student and KESQ intern of 6 months, shares, “Originally, I was going to San Francisco State University for film. The pandemic hit, and I missed the hands-on learning that I would’ve been getting at school. Then I applied to COD to get back into classes and took a Photoshop class just for fun.” In her class at COD, she learned about the multi-faceted opportunity at KESQ. She adds, “Because of this internship, I was inspired to reapply for film school.”

KESQ intern and COD student Mireya Holguin, majoring in Digital Design and Production, shares, “I’ve learned so much being here, and I’ve met so many great people. I committed myself to the station, and I am so excited for my future. I’m going to transfer to CSUSB after graduation, where I can earn my bachelor’s degree in Design Studies.” This internship opportunity provides in-demand employability skills while building students’ resumes and expanding their professional network. It gives students a competitive advantage and a skillset to get started in the industry. Student interns can also earn college credit that transfers to California State Universities.

Kent Kay, Creative Director and Marketing Manager for KESQ’s stations and adjunct professor at COD, shares, “I am always on the hunt for raw talent and creative students. They have the drive and passion that can be honed to become industry professionals. I have always found that the right person for the job can learn the necessary skills. I am proud to witness the growth of our interns from the first day they walk through the doors. This partnership between News Channel 3 and the COD Foundation allows students to apply classroom theories into practice. Valuable hands-on experience, under the guidance of industry veterans, trains these aspiring media professionals who are poised to contribute to the world of multimedia and beyond.”

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