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Becoming a member has profound impact on our talented students and our award-winning programs. We celebrate the well-educated workforce which is crucial to our thriving economy in attracting new business opportunities to the Coachella Valley.

The President’s Circle: Active, Inspires & Engaged

Of all the avenues that exist to support the COD Foundation, the President’s Circle was designed to engage and inspire its active members.

The President’s Circle draws a unique group of philanthropic members each year. These business and community leaders and alumni of College of the Desert are dedicated to funding a transformative higher education for all and Creating Tomorrows for students and residents of the Coachella Valley.

When they come together, President’s Circle members form an esteemed alliance. By partnering with the College Superintendent/ President along with leaders of the COD Foundation, they support the priority needs of the College across its five local campuses. As it has for more than six decades, COD continues to nurture a vast range of educational and career goals. Its growing breadth of programs and services evolves in response to the Valley’s needs and those of each incoming class.

“We are committed to continuing to grow enrollment, expand partnerships and reach underserved groups,” shares Superintendent/ President Martha Garcia, Ed.D. She notes the College continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality accessible education. “COD is here and welcomes all students whether they are young and right out of high school or a single parent balancing children and work and wondering how to achieve a college education.”

As an intimate, high-touch community, the President’s Circle invites you to join in a host of meaningful, interactive experiences throughout the year. Members of this like-minded group have the opportunity to witness first-hand the difference they are making. From invitations to VIP receptions to complimentary tickets to campus events, this program connects your generous philanthropy to real needs and the tangible ways the College is meeting them. Opportunities to interact with students whose lives are impacted by your donation is an exclusive benefit to the President’s Circle. This inner circle of leaders and philanthropists is important to the college both in the short and long terms. Its members are considered invaluable. As President’s Circle donations support the greatest needs of our students and programs, funding from your gift allows the Foundation to accomplish its mission. You’ll help keep students in school and on track to graduate while providing an enriching educational experience.

Become an active member with your pledge to our annual President’s Circle Membership and join a private calendar of events with an opportunity to meet “Change Makers” who share the full COD story. Every donation made has a profound impact on the needs of the whole student, both academic and financial by supporting their well-being and future success. In partial thanks to the President’s Circle, COD graduates comprise a well-educated workforce, which is crucial to our thriving economy and in attracting new businesses to the Coachella Valley.

“Exciting plans are underway to increase our offerings to address the needs of students pursuing transfer to a four-year college or university as well as those desiring career education,” says Garcia. The school embraces “a holistic approach to higher education that includes rigorous academic programs, exceptional support services and respect for the diversity that strengthens us.”

To become part of the emerging success stories surrounding COD’s students and programs. Contact Matt Durkan, Director of Development at 760.773.2561 or by e-mail at

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