Meet Barbara Foster Monachino

Co-chair, Stepping Out for COD 2022 COD Foundation Board of Director Member

“I’ve always believed that an education creates a level playing field for all, giving people of all backgrounds, economic and social, the ability to succeed in today’s world. Often there are barriers, financial and societal, to accessing that education that might seem insurmountable. I am most inspired by the work that the COD Foundation does to remove those obstacles and give an opportunity to all those who want to pursue their dreams. The funds we raise directly supports our students, from EDGE’s college preparation program to the plEDGE tuition assistance program to supplying books, tools and resources and even emergency funds when they fall on hard times. I am extremely proud to serve as Co-chair for Stepping Out for COD so that we can continue Creating Tomorrows for our students.

Our COD students are everywhere – hospitality, culinary, nursing, teaching, automotive, emergency services, artists, architects, trades, business owners and environmental advocates. These graduates are the engines that will drive prosperity and continuity for our thriving community.

“To our students I say, “You have given more to us as a community than we have ever given you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.”

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